My Totally Biased Review of List Infinity!
What it can do for you.

Hello and welcome! Congratulations on taking the next step and allowing me to help you succeed. My name is Bruce Class and I will be your List Infinity sponsor. Also, thank you so much for deciding to read, My Totally Biased Review of List Infinity.

In my opinion, although there are many online opportunities available that are very good, I believe List Infinity is the most flexible and versatile platform on Planet Earth for creating online income, building your list and beyond.

I have no doubt or second thoughts that List Infinity is the perfect platform for getting real world experience and learning the ins and outs of Internet marketing while building a solid foundation for long term success at a realistic and affordable price point. (No monthly fee)

Before we start … I'd like to share some background about my online experience and why I believe you should make List Infinity your go to online business opportunity.

My Internet marketing journey began about 15 years ago. So, I have been around for a while! This is also the time frame when I first become aware of instant pay programs that would pay cash straight into my account! That was pretty exciting. 😂

At one time or another I promoted three different programs. They were List Soldier, The Secret Pays and IPC. Maybe you remember them! They were basically single payment membership sites with an array of digital products featuring either a One-Up or Two-Up pass up commission structure.

Unlike today, with the advances in programming, back then, (although, not that long ago), you generally had to set up your own lead capture page, auto responder account and write your own email sequence. Most programs today already have a sales funnel in place and you simply plug into it, but there are some limitations.

Another issue was many payment processors simply did not like these types of programs because of the pass up commission structure. Consequently, many marketers had to set up their own merchant accounts, which at that time was a huge hassle and expensive.

Unfortunately, many programs eventually shut down on their own because of payment processor issues. Sadly, many online marketers had their accounts frozen for violations of terms of service with no recourse (many were debatable). In some instances, the payment processors themselves went out of business. A lot of people lost a lot of money. The ability to get paid today is much, much easier and more reliable!

All three programs I promoted eventually shut down. Consequently, I was pretty frustrated, (I know the feeling!) and decided to step away from Internet marketing. Keep in mind, this is a niche I really liked and did well in. Fast forward to today.

I recently retired 🤓 and was getting bored, so I started looking around on the Internet for similar programs. Most of what I found have some limitations that are unacceptable!

If I am going to build an email list, it's mine, I own it and I want no encumbrances on the list I am building. It is a valuable asset! My asset - your asset! You must have complete access to your list including the follow up emails and sequence. If you do not have 100% control of your list and you can not monetize it in the manner you want, that's an issue.

Also, I don't want to be building my list within a third party platform with them housing and maintaining my list! Even though they say I can export my list, most auto responder service providers frown on importing a list from a third party platform.

For example, if you build a list of 10,000 subscribers with GetResponse and then decide to import it to Aweber, it will probably NOT be an issue because of where and how you acquired your subscribers list! But try importing a list from a different type of third party acquisition source and there may be a problem. Can you think of any? I can!

Anyway, I kept looking and searching for my ideal program. I actually joined a couple, did my due diligence and came away 🤕 unimpressed. By pure happenstance I come across List Infinity. It was very similar to the programs I promoted many years ago, and exactly what I was looking for, 😁 so I registered for a free account.

For the next two weeks I went through the back office like a fine-toothed comb. I set up the entire system and tested everything to make sure it worked exactly as claimed and 😃 did it ever and then some. Very few programs deliver on the promise, List Infinity does!

Since I was aware of who the owner of the platform is (Derrick Van Dyke) and know of his reputation as a trusted Admin with great online experience, I decided to upgrade.

Knowing that I was looking for a long term opportunity, after doing my due diligence and a thorough evaluation of List Infinity, I felt confident in upgrading to the Elite level.

List Infinity makes it incredibly easy to tap into one of the biggest niches on the Internet (making money online) to build your list and earn 100% instant commissions. The key is YOU MUST monetize your list with other offers, products and services! When you have total control of your list, you can easily do that!

I am sold on the fact that List Infinity is the perfect platform for those who are just getting started with Internet marketing! There is nothing comparable!

Also, List Infinity is the perfect solution for those who are frustrated or struggling to build their email list and earn online income. For seasoned marketers, it's an easy add-on offer to create another income stream.

With List Infinity you own your list! You have total care, control, and custody. You can send broadcasts whenever you want and you can change, modify, tweak, add to or delete and promote whatever products or services you want in your email sequence.

With List Infinity you get paid immediately! Not every Friday, after a 30 day hold as some do. Worse and this is so unfortunate, I know of affiliates with other programs who have waited months to get paid and are still waiting or they haven't met the minimum theshold to get paid. That's wrong. It's a battle for them to get what they earned.

With List Infinity – No waiting. No hassles! No battles. You get paid!

With List Infinity you have many multiple streams of income possibilities!

For instance, “Your Income Streams!” You'll find them in the back office.

When you join these affiliates your referral links are promoted throughout the site. When your referral joins one of them you get the credit and earn the commission.

Additionally, there are 10 Viral Traffic Builders in the back office. Most have their own downline builders. Every Internet marketer needs traffic, so this is a great way to promote and build multiple sources of traffic in one location and earn income.

I like to think of it as a spider web of connecting tunnels going every which direction, in which you earn referral credits, instant commissions and passive income.

Here is another subtle feature that List Infinity offers. You can promote an unlimited number of “Your Affiliate Offers.” These show up in your referrals back office under “Recommended Sites.” If you have registered with List Infinity, log into your account, click on “Recommended Sites” to see the affiliate sites I promote and recommend.

With List Infinity you have complete flexibility in how you decide to set up your funnel. You can use the entire List Infinity sales funnel from >>> the lead capture pages >>> to the customizable bridge page >>> to sales video page >>> to a completely done-for-you professionally written email follow up sequence (don't forget you can modify these).

Or set up your own funnel that goes from your lead capture page >>> redirect to the sales video page with you managing the email sequence.

Or do as I do >>> my lead capture page >>> my bridge page >>> my email with video link >>> my email with link to this review >>> my email sequence for List Infinity with tag ads for other offers and programs I promote.

There are a number of different combinations you can mix and match to tweak your lead capture system, others may refer to it as your sales funnel. The point is you have choices, and you have complete flexibility because of the versatility of List Infinity.

On top of all this, List Infinity provides step-by-step training and promotional tools to get free traffic from Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube!

Additionally, you have 16 professionally prepared and highly responsive done-for-you lead capture pages to choose from that easily integrates with GetResponse, TrafficWave, Leads
Leap and Aweber ... plus a bridge page you can tweak and customize.

When you join List Infinity as an upgraded member your membership includes all the tools and additional marketing education you need to build a successful online business and income in any niche you choose to promote. The training is on the mark, it's exactly what you need to know and apply in order to succeed online. And that is priceless!

With List Infinity there are four price points to choose from. Starter - $7.00, Basic - $25.00, Pro - $100.00 and Elite - $300.00. Each price point has different membership access, advantages, and benefits. Click here to review membership options.

Keep in mind though, you only get paid up to your membership level. I recommend joining at the highest level your budget allows! Here's why ...

The easiest example would be, if you are a Pro member and you refer an Elite member, you will get paid at your level, which is Pro! You earn one hundred dollars. The remaining two hundred dollars will go to the next qualified Elite member. You're losing money!

Another consideration is ... as a Pro or Elite member you do not pass up leads, you keep them. Basic and Starter level members pass up every fifth lead to their sponsor. They are helping you to build your list. More importantly, whenever the passed up lead turns into a sale, you earn the commission. If you want to keep all of your leads, consider Pro or Elite. If you want to keep all your leads and max-out your commissions, Elite is best!

There are only four things you need to do to get started with List Infinity.

Step #1: Upgrade to the highest membership level you are comfortable with. You can always upgrade to a higher level later.

Step #2: Set Up the System. Customize the system so the leads and sales go directly to you! The Quick Start and System Set Up Guides and Videos walk you through setting up your entire funnel, including available payment processors. Payments received are sent straight to the account of your choice.

Step #3: Select A Lead Capture Page. Select one of the 16 professionally done-for-you lead capture pages that builds your email list and follows up with your leads automatically to generate sales!

Step #4: Promote Your Link! via List Infinity's solo ad triaining or follow the step-by-step training to generate 100% FREE traffic from the biggest social media sites.

So, what is List Infinity? Simply put List Infinity is a one-time payment membership site (no monthly fee) with unlimited lifetime access to over 375+ on demand high quality, high value training videos for Internet marketing, and unlimited lifetime access to an exceptional income opportunity and list building platform.

I also believe it's much, much more than most people realize. I hope you do, too!

I invite you to take the next step, and join List Infinity! Do your due diligence, conduct a thorough review, then if you see value, upgrade!

All the best,